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In operation for more than 50 years, we are one of the world's leading engineering companies in underground construction. We offer expertise in the complete life cycle of an infrastructure covering planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance including railways, roads and metros.

Our extensive experience results from many prestigious projects such as the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, the Brenner Base Tunnel leading from Austria to Italy, and metro projects in Brussels, Paris and Porto.

We have continuously grown and adapted to embrace innovative and digital working methods such as BIM for the design of infrastructure projects.

Amberg Engineering


Amberg Loglay helps cities, investors, logistics service providers, shippers and industries to develop breakthrough and radical logistics solutions. The results of these developments drive social and economic growth. Founded in 2015, we work as an internationally oriented company on challenging projects worldwide.

Our solutions include Logistics Insights Management in which we analyse the effects of processes, specifications, business models to a digital spatial image. Furthermore, we develop next-level construction management applications which offer an overview of various processes on a building site at all times.

Amberg Loglay


Amberg Technologies constantly strives for innovation and progress. We develop our products and services in close cooperation with universities and as part of international research programs. Our goal is to use new solutions such as intelligent sensors and state-of-the-art carriers to make the workflows of your projects more efficient and bring them into the digital age.

We are the world market leader in the field of railway and tunnel surveying. Together with our sales partners, we have been selling our products and services for over 35 years. They are up-to-date and can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of your project.

With our experience and know-how, we develop your tailor-made solution.

Amberg Technologies


The numerous tunnels, caverns, experimental fields, laboratories and seminar rooms in the Hagerbach Test Gallery offer a perfect base for research, development, testing, real scale trials, as well as all kinds of events.

Specialists from all over the world are using our infrastructure as a research laboratory and training camp. We work on our own developments as well as upon customers demand and in cooperation with enterprises, associations and research institutes.

You are invited to gain very special insight into pioneering achievements in mining and tunnelling. Since our formation in 1970, we constantly feel the pulse of time. Our business partners highly value quality, competence, flexibility and adventure. Thereby, we ensure that also into the future we will be a worthy partner for your projects.


Hagerbach Test Gallery


Amberg Infra 7D is a new global brand that combines market leading experience, best-in-class instruments, latest software solutions and comprehensive digital services covering the whole life cycle of your infrastructure. We build on the competence and experience of the Amberg Group companies in civil engineering, geomatics, software and hardware engineering and provide tailor-made solutions and services to our customers.

With our innovative solutions, Amberg Infra 7D makes a decisive contribution during the planning, construction, and maintenance of complex infrastructure: GeoMonitoring, Mobile Mapping, Engineering Surveying, Inspection Services and Digital Construction.

Amberg Infra 7D


The Amberg Digital Innovation teamcombines the unique and predestined skills of the Group in one powerful supplier. We now combine the competencies of the Group to form an innovative service provider because we know how to build integrated digital state of the art tools, and we know how to produce insight using advanced data analytics. 
We are enthusiasts who drive digital transformation, engineers who better like to code than to draw, and architects who dive deep into data. We all strongly believe in ecosystems and work in a network, so we can team up with other parts of Amberg Group or external partners to form a powerful team to get the job done.

Amberg Digital Innovation


A global leader in offering quality Design & BIM services for the AEC industry. Our in-house team capacity for all disciplines (Architecture, Structure & MEP) allows us to provide an array of services.

Our team takes active participation in pre-bid & post-bid stages, covering the entire life cycle management for any engineering project. Quantities Estimation, Detailed Designing, Visualization, BIM Support, Shop Drawings, 4D Simulation, 5D Estimation, and BIM & FM Integration are a few expertise areas.  

Founded in 2015, we work as an international Design & BIM consulting company offering services on various projects worldwide.

Amberg Infocon